Quality without any compromise

We believe the journey is equally as important as the destination.


Quality without any compromise

We believe the journey is equally as important as the destination.


Fresh off the farm, onto your plate


Delightfully Delicious eggs that you deserve.

Our Story

Rethinking Eggs, Milk and Butter

TruSource has started a journey that will always remain true to what matters: the source of everything. The source of our eggs. The source of our products. The source of your happiness.

That’s why we’ve taken our commitment to this creed and made it part of everything we do – ensuring we provide wholesome products to our consumers, so you can be your best self. We want you to feel good, look good, and be good.

It’s not just about what we do for them—it’s about how much we love them.

Right from the moment our chickens see the light of day, their well-being becomes our duty. TruSource’s chickens are raised on a diet primarily made up of foods that are consumable for humans too, so you can feel good about what you’re eating.

We refrain from injecting our hens with hormones or antibiotics so that you can enjoy your eggs in the truest form possible. With such diligence to humane care over a long period of time, our hens lay premium quality eggs rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Calcium, and Vitamin D.

It’s all part of what matters most: their commitment to providing wholesome products to consumers who deserve nothing but the very best.

In the end, our aim is to make you crack open eggs that you truly deserve—and that’s what we stand for at TruSource!

Committed to removing all obstacles between you and premium-quality white eggs!

We know a dozen things about providing quality eggs to our consumers. Our eggs are not only firm with a silky golden center and a distinct flavour, but are also kept away from any kind of additives that can harm the quality.

Simply put, we believe people deserve eggs that are a cut above the rest. When you crack open a TruSource egg, you’ll be able to taste the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition. We invite you to enjoy Amazing Discounts and FREE deals on your next order – check out our products!

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