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Farm-Fresh Eggs You Can Count On

Delivered To Your Door. Each egg you’ll cook will be a chef d’oeuvre – Perfect, firm eggs with golden yolks and lush flavor. Order the freshest eggs home to your plate.

We’ve got the golden ticket.

Our eggs are packed with so much more than just protein. Each pack contains farm-fresh, incredibly nutritious, premium, all-natural, white eggs. And that’s what makes our eggs so extra special.

one egg at a time and

We Guarantee You’ll Love The Difference

Fresh off the farm

You get the eggs as fresh as it can get

High in Lean Protein

Specially bred for increased lean protein

Rich in Biotin

Helps break down fats and carbohydrates in our body

Enriched with Omega 3

which helps reduce triglycerides

Anti Inflammatory

Doesn’t burn itself, only helps you burn calories


Things our hens feed on to give you the perfect egg

Only ingredients that are good for you and the environment

Flax seeds

A diet composed of 10% flax results in significantly higher levels of omega-3.

Moringa or M oleifera

Used as a growth promoter, immune enhancer, antioxidant, and has a hypo-cholesterol effect on chickens.

Amla or Gooseberry

Enhances general vitality, cognition as well as helps in promoting longevity of nutrients.

Fennel Seeds or Saunf

alleviates the adverse effects of heat stress.


Wards off poultry ailments including respiratory problems and other infections.

Ajwain or or Trachyspermum ammi

Its antibacterial properties help improve the immunity and growth of chicken.


Helps improve the feed intake and feed conversion ratio, egg production and quality, carcass yield and blood profiles.

And a lot of care and attention

We ensure that our chickens get the best food and care so they can have a healthier growth.

New product coming soon

High protein milk

Prevents bone decays and muscle breakdown due to extensive exercise. Helps slow your digestion so that you feel full and satisfied even with eating less, which prevents excessive fats.


Happy Shoppers

I started using Trusource eggs

I feel more energetic. These eggs also taste better than other available brands. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a good quality protein source.

Yashika Aggarwal

Senior Research manager
PGIMER, Chandigarh

Just tried them for the first time

I was impressed by the taste and bright golden yolk. Highly recommended!

Rohit Hans

Fitness Trainer
Suncity club Gym, Panchkula

Loved the taste of the eggs

Especially knowing that the hens are fed a diet rich in flaxseeds and other antioxidants resulting in an egg that is Omega 3 rich, these eggs have become my regular choice. In a world where diseases associated with chronic inflammation is getting common, these anti-inflammatory eggs are my go to choice for a nutrient rich diet.

Aastha Verma



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